Saturday, May 12, 2018

Applied geometry

Two cars sharing a line in time and space: Not a good idea.
No matter how briefly or softly, chances are good it'll end up in an exchange of insurance company info.

Recommended: a very sweet copilot to comfort you and hand over a tissue or two for the after shock  (quiet and discreet) tear release.

The best copilot one could ask for. Who doubles as a DJ and a personal secretary for typing any urgent text message while you're driving.

Peeking through those little windows. I think the last ones I'll be able to peek through. Nowadays there're no more notes to the tooth fairy, it's goes more like: "Mom, hand over the money" ;-)

Very Happy Mother's Day!

Monday, May 7, 2018

Earth, Sky and things in between.

I dug a little hole in my backyard to start a little compost and to have dirt for my new lemon pot. I'm pretty sure it worked as a rain cast because it's been raining non stop ever since. For days and days and days. Maybe it stopped for 10 minutes and it was then when I transplanted the lemon (and Mica documented because I feel this one is going to be legendary :)

Digging made me feel instantly well. When I feel tired or stressed I usually tend to the sky. I go to the terrace and lay there for half an hour, watching and connecting, and pretty soon I feel restored. And with earth it's very much the same.

According to Taoism, Sky and Earth are a pair of complementary opposites, When they get along, help each other and "make love" many loving things are made. There's warmth and growth and life. Plants, animals and humans. So we're children of theirs and you could say they're bigger Parents of us. (Parents across eons). And we can always go to these parents for comfort, health and restoration.

Taoists also say that both, Sky and Earth, are medicine of the highest kind. And they're free!

 I've been working a lot lately. A bride gave me the color board above and I've made twenty necklaces for her using those colors. I loved this job because I could imprint my botanical pattern a little differently on each piece. Blues for the background and reds for the little fruits. They're all a bit different.
And speaking of colors, I envision 7 colors for June. And its not a rainbow :)
Yes or no? Yes or no? Yes or no?

Friday, April 20, 2018

This week...

Friday! As the week pace slows down and I thankfully have work, school pick up and dinner ready (in advance) let me tell you what I've seen this week.

The last flowers on the Palo Borracho tree.  This year these trees have been more beautiful than ever. Now the leaves are gone and just a few pink jewels are hanging on among naked branches.


I've seen the first slice of the crescent moon. So delicate and far away.  A slice of Moon :)
A twisted smile?
I've seen a fiery red sky early in the morning when we go out for school. 
Burning skies?
And I've seen a show of clouds from the terrace one late afternoon.
Kissing clouds?
The bracelets order got completed
And after (Color therapy)
This jewelry!
And very fun experiments with bold shapes for new earrings.
We'll see where these go!
And that's it!
Have a very lovely weekend full of rest and play!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Most good things in life are attained through effort and hard work I believe, but from time to time there's a gift.  It falls on your lap by surprise. Unrequested, unexpected and probably undeserved.

If you're old like me, you won't take it for granted. You'll cherish it deeply and be so thankful in your heart for it. Life is sweet sometimes!
And if you're young like me, you'll go ahead and expand it against any measure of good sense. Growth has its own intelligence I guess.

Friday, April 6, 2018

A school bus driver and other things....

I've made some changes on my Etsy front page with wood and simple fonts as a background for the colourful pieces of lately. And yes, yes, yes, I'll say the words "Mother's Day" again. :) It's May 13th you know?

My four eyes are not enough and I need a good magnifying glass to work on these tiny pieces I'm making now.

What am I aside of an artisan? A school "bus" driver. Although Theo started using the bus to come back from school in the afternoons I still drive them in the mornings. It's a (very early) hour drive to and back, unexpectedly enjoyable.

We drive for about half an hour, drop Theo and then Mica and I return in time for his school start.

It's an hour of talking and listening to music, My time to ask them my usual load of questions, that are, luckily (still) welcome. 

Mica is pure common sense. We always discuss the weather, the time,  traffic, car plates, daily schedule. He knows about car brands ands asks questions about taxes, government and such things. 

Theo is usually immersed in his thoughts and we mostly talk about people's behaviour, books, his creations, his classmates and music.

I love these conversations and getting to know them better each day.  I tell them stories of when I was a girl. And I tell them many stories from my parents and share things my parents told me when I was little. 

After I drop Mica I go and walk by the river for an hour and then get back home to work. That's the weekly morning routine and I like it very much! And I also like that today is a Friday and tomorrow morning I won't drive the school bus and be able to sit and have breakfast alone for an hour before the rest of the house wakes up!

May you have a very happy and restful weekend wherever you are!

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Palomaria for Mother's Day 2018

Ok, this is the official post announcing that my Mother's Day 2018 collection is up on my shop. I hope you like it! Visit and make sure to contact me with any questions!

Thursday, March 29, 2018


Many people say that my Mica looks like a popular kid actor on a popular Netflix show. I have to see it for myself yet. Isn't he cool? (says the mom...)

It's Fall in the Southern hemisphere, Such a nice respite from heat and good time to turn on the oven and bake a loaf of bread or two.

A long holiday ahead including Monday (which is also a holiday here)

I'll spend time uploading the shop with very lovely new Mother's Day pieces

Make sure to visit to see more of my new stuff. Things came up so new and fun this year!

I'll be also working on a small wholesale order for my other line: Humano (at

I don't have a lot of time for this line but I do love it so much. These are the pieces I wear daily and after Mother's Day I plan to develop them more.

Plant swap with the neighbours. I gave them geranium and they gave me aloe. Some gardening is in order too.

There will be a Pesach seder, an Easter lunch and all those holiday things.

And, as usual, there will be some sky time if weather permits

Pesach: liberation, freedom, unblockage. Easter: resurrection, renewal. (Spring Equinox also: renewal of life). So may you claim and enjoy all those great available qualities! Have a lovely and restful Holiday :)