Thursday, March 22, 2018

A blessing for a little traveller

I've read in some aboriginal cultures there's a rite of passage for a boy into manhood where he'll go by himself into the wilderness and spend the night alone there (o a couple of days).

I've thought a fair equivalent, in an urban unholy setting as here, is for a boy to start riding the bus by himself.

My big boy has just begun, both secondary school and using public transportation by himself.

Big days of adjustment, turmoil and intense emotions.

For the mom I mean ;-D

We did some training riding the bus together 8 times. After the first and second time, I told T. to just go as if I weren't there. He would get to the bus stop, get on, purchase fare, ride and get off by himself (and I was watching from a distance hiding behind trees and signs :-D). We pretended we didn't know each other.

At some point it was evident he could do it completely by himself and so he has been doing for the las few days.

It's big to see your little birdie starting to fly. After processing and digesting for a while, I think I'm finally setting into excitement and joy for him. Seeing how well he's doing, and wishing for him many wonderful and meaningful adventures gaining more and more self confidence and love for life.

A blessing is in order, and T, if one day you read this, keep in mind that this blessing for you is valid from now and forever. No expiration date. Always blessings upon your head. The world is your oyster! Just need to get on that bus!

A Blessing for a little traveller

I bless you on your first bus ride solo
And I bless you on the many travels and adventures that will follow

May you always be safe
May you always be protected
May you always find green lights and open doors

And when a door is open
May you notice and step in with joy

And when a door is closed
may you find a way around
There's always a way around if you're creative and flexible enough

May you find the path to the centre of your heart
where your throne is waiting
That's the point of the journey
Of every journey

I know you will

Much love.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sneak Peek - See through - Preview

Things are looking like that. Little eyelets in my clay pieces.
Marathon work mode to meet marketing deadlines. This piece and many more soon to be uploaded at the shop. #Mother's Day 2018

I hope you like it! Come visit for more!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Green + Yellow = L-E-M-O-N

This is where we left it back in December

And this is what Summer and Nature have done. (Wall on the back is a good reference) I think it has doubled its size. Probably 12'' taller and ready to go to a nice big pot.

The lemon plant in now at Theo's waist height which means its at my waist height since Theo and I are the same height now. That's what Nature does to humans too!

Which brings me to the thought that both with plants and humans you just need to provide some basic growing conditions and they'll go ahead and become whatever they are meant to be. A lemon won't become a cherry tree no matter what you do. It'll go ahead and become the true lemon it is from its very seed. And little humans too, will grow into whatever they are meant to be.  That's why siblings can be so different. People are not just the result of their upbringing. I can relax a bit and just be content with providing the best possible conditions  :-D

I spy with my little eye something that is...yellow!

 In the tree!

And on the floor!
In March!

I know it's just a little taste in advance.  But how sweet!
My lemon iced cubes are running short.
But I think it will be at least a couple more months until the bulk is ready.
Will it make it any faster if I look steadily at the tree ?
I'll try that :P

And more new sprouts....

I've considered the possibility that my entire agricultural efforts will be just dedicated to reproducing lemons from this tree :) That's fine by me! Why not? There will be another lemon season at this house indeed and I plan to save lots of seeds and have fun growing plants from them. And if they become healthy little trees I'll ask my garden owner friends to adopt them in their gardens and we'll be lemon rich forever.

Another one :)

Thursday, March 8, 2018

WIP for MD

That stands for "Work in Progress for Mother's Day" :)
It's going to be fun and different!

And as usual...every time I think I've tried everything possible with these techniques and my material...some new idea comes up! It never fails!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Palomaria on Etsy front page!

Etsy has featured my Astro Charm Necklace on front page! I’m so glad and grateful!

These features are a wonderful opportunity to get lovely people from around the world to know my work. Big welcome if you’re visiting through Etsy! And thank you editors for regarding my work so well!

My jewelry is entirely made by hand upon request. Nothing is on a shelf but everything is created just for you the moment you place an order.

I can color my clay using Pantone references, very useful to match your wedding palette if you’re ordering for your bridesmaids. (You pick your colors!) and I can imprint any names, dates or personalized details on my charms.

Every part of the jewelry can be customized. I’m always happy to create special projects for special people
10 grandkids? Lovely and fun! Let’s make a necklace for Nana 😀. Vey easy too!

When I sit to work I’m having fun and enjoying what I do, and I do believe that the good vibes are transferred to every piece I make.

In a world of things that are easily discarded or forgotten, just a few withstand time and wardrobe cleanings: those that carry the super secret ingredient : LOVE 💗 

If you’ve read so far, thank you! And  I can predict you’re going to like my new  2018 Mother’s Day Collection that will be online on April 1st. 


Saturday, February 24, 2018

By color

I see it coming. In a matter of a few days a big pile of: school bagpacks and school supplies and school lunches and lunch bags and lunch prep at 6:30 AM and whatsapp mommy groups regarding school
and regarding birthday parties and regarding birthday presents (each topic requires its own group ;)
will replace this kind of early morning:

Before our trip is old news,  a little recap by color

Blue: (Not so) early morning walks by the Lacar

Orange; Sweet Amancay and the occasional fire at the cabin

Gray: Early morning mist on Lago Hermoso (Very cold at first and soon followed by lovely sun warmth)

Gray also for recurring visitors at the cabin: Hola bandurria! Not a shy creature. Very calm and lovely. Aren't those beaks unreal?

Brown: our friends' home.

The windows! 

The  view!
The literary crowd. Readers and a writer (who has replaced storytelling with drawings by storytelling with words)

Many many words! :-D

Black studded with diamonds for the amazing night skies on our 3 days camping adventure. It's hard to get closer to nature than when you go camping. I thought I was not going to like it so much after more than 20 years, but sleeping in a tent, watching shooting stars and cooking over a fire have proven to be still very delicious.
And finally green turquoise, the color of my soul!

Friday, February 9, 2018


Luma Apiculata. That's the scientific name for this tree, that only grows here in Patagonia (both in Chile and Argentina).

We took the ferry to visit Bosque de Arrayanes.

I've been here many years ago but this time I really connected with its beauty. We took the short walk. I've left wanting to do the long trail (12 km) but this wasn't the right time.

These beautiful trees have  distinctive cinnamon colored bark. I've learnt that they grow either from the seed, and therefore they have a thick single trunk, (This was a favourite specimen, look the spiralling structure)

or it also reproduces from bulbs in the roots, and when they grow they look like several thinner trunks with a same base. And in this particular habitat they can also grow from a little branch that has fallen on the soil.

The trees here are as old as 350 years, but I've learnt that the real elders of this kind are those flanking the margins of Rio Arrayanes. Those are 1400-1500 years old. No wonders that is such a magical place!

Getting there by the 7 Lakes Route. A wonderful scenic drive. We've stopped at some points to enjoy the views

And on the way back, a gift made of light and water.