Saturday, July 14, 2018

Come the bees...

Al árbol vienen las abejitas
y trabajan entre las flores perfumadas
mientras bailan y se cuentan sus cositas.

Después se van a hacer la miel
y por su camino 
se van formando nuevos arbolitos.

Practican abundancia, comunidad y alquimia.

To the tree come the bees
and they work among scented flowers
while they dance a bit and chit chat a bit.

Then they go to make the honey
leaving new little trees on their way.

They practice abundance, community and alchemy.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

With bees

One with bees is in the works...

Saturday, July 7, 2018

With bronze

I’m working in these new earrings with great dedication and incorporating new materials. I’m also teaching myself how to use them. Bronze wire is a new element that got me struggling for several days until I learnt how to bend it in neat curves without straight lines and how to hammer it for a flat delicate look.

This involved funny-bizarre moments of being on my knees in a super cold and dark winter night to hammer on the hard tile floor in the little porch outside. You can’t hammer metal on any table or any regular surface. It has to be HARD and I don’t have a metal jewelry bench.

The combination of my porcelain and the nicely worked bronze turned out better than in my imagination. I’m very pleased with the result.

It’s July already, peak of the winter here. I’m super tired and wishing to enter hibernation mode. Counting the days until school winter break (one more week). It’s been an intense time with new school and everything.

Good night! May you sleep tight!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018


Crazy about gold spray paint...

I'm tempted to go out and cover my block in gold :P

Saturday, June 30, 2018


A killler Jason perfomance! wink wink ;-) I wanted to write that up! Seriously delicious! My favourite line was :" -I'm gonna feed from your red sweet blood" Said with his beautiful grave voice, totally into his character, and far from being terrified I just wanted to kiss him on both cheeks! 

Did you know that one can do such a thing as "composing" a game of chess? If you're completely obsessed with chess to the point that you can see an entire game developing in your mind, you can compose a game (it's basically designing a game), and the notation looks like this:

 I find it amazing!

For the moment being I'll have to be content with designing earrings. My little earring experiments are coming nicely together. It's quite fun to make them and to play freely with color and shape. This is my favorite part, The "one of a kind" moment of the process. If one day I hit the road with my caravan to travel around the world I'll just sell "one of a kind" pieces in every craft market I find on the way.

If I have the time and energy I'll build a real offering from these and upload them to my shop. I hope so! Or else I'll just keep wearing them myself everyday!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Those circles...

So I'm painting the dolls and going back and forth with those circles so many times. I can't get them right and it bothers me. It's unsettling almost on a physical level.

A pot of boiling water is ready for the pasta but first I have to complete the circle with a layer of white because I don't like how the previous dark looks. And this has happened for at least 4 previous layers of paint.

I have a million other more useful things to do but I won't be at peace until I give it another layer and it satisfies me. And I know this doesn't bring me anything. Neither money,  nor accolades. I could literally be doing twenty more useful things. And I still can't put it down. And sometimes the creative process is frustrating like that!

Friday, June 8, 2018

Lemony Girls

Paper Pulp and minimal (juicy) bits of cold porcelain


And an attempt at painting! (2D is harder than 3D!!)