Friday, February 9, 2018


Luma Apiculata. That's the scientific name for this tree, that only grows here in Patagonia (both in Chile and Argentina).

We took the ferry to visit Bosque de Arrayanes.

I've been here many years ago but this time I really connected with its beauty. We took the short walk. I've left wanting to do the long trail (12 km) but this wasn't the right time.

These beautiful trees have  distinctive cinnamon colored bark. I've learnt that they grow either from the seed, and therefore they have a thick single trunk, (This was a favourite specimen, look the spiralling structure)

or it also reproduces from bulbs in the roots, and when they grow they look like several thinner trunks with a same base. And in this particular habitat they can also grow from a little branch that has fallen on the soil.

The trees here are as old as 350 years, but I've learnt that the real elders of this kind are those flanking the margins of Rio Arrayanes. Those are 1400-1500 years old. No wonders that is such a magical place!

Getting there by the 7 Lakes Route. A wonderful scenic drive. We've stopped at some points to enjoy the views

And on the way back, a gift made of light and water.

Sunday, February 4, 2018


Indescribable joy doing this for the first time in my life! I could do it every single day.
How come I've never tried this before? It was amazing to “sit” in the middle of the quiet  lake contemplating the mountains

I think that, for once, I had more fun than my kids!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

New Girl Necklaces at Vidarisa!

 I was finally able to develop many of the sweet ideas I had in my mind for girls necklaces. I've been thinking of these new charms for months last year. They're here! My girl's shop: VIDARISA

Mushroom, Bunny, Hummingbird, Boat, Ballet shoe, Horse, Music, Lollipop, Chocolate, Ice Cream and Donut!

An adorable photo session with my little friend Sol. I've spent the entire time (maybe 20 or 30 minutes) singing to her, making up little songs related to the necklaces I tried on her, so she'd be engaged and let me take the photographs. It worked so nicely. She really got into it and was expecting every new necklace to find out what it was!  She's so very sweet :)

I used to sing my entire children repertoire to the boys when they were little and they loved it. Now they would shush me at the first try :-D

Thursday, January 18, 2018

The fixer upper

When you go for the fixer upper you don't necessarily imagine you'll see things like these

Kids, don't try this at home, OK?

Thursday, January 11, 2018

The little forest

The little forest is very close to the house. We get there walking, biking or driving.

I think of this place as Pablo's little kingdom. When he was a teenager he would take 3 months vacations here with his family and used to come to the forest, every afternoon after the beach, by himself. He would  spend two hours walking around, sometimes with his walkman :) It was the 80's! He always tells me that story and I never get tired of it.

It's very nice to walk around without a plan and decide right or left at every turn.

There's a wonderful eucalyptus scent everywhere. Before we moved to Canada years ago I collected a lot of eucalyptus buttons and took them with me in the move. And many times I'd opened the bag and dove my nose in it  :)

I like to walk and find little color gems among the greenery. Always changing depending on the season.

And sometimes I get to eat my findings too!

Nothing is better than fresh fruit from the tree!

We usually finish the walk stopping at the little cafe, and spend a while reading or writing. (Or at the ice-cream place if the kids are with us and don't leave us another choice!)
The other thing to do at the little forest is to watch the architecture. There're many people living there and many houses. Very diverse and really fun to watch. Pablo likes the modern, clean, well designed houses, I love the tiny more rustic ones, more so if they have a lot of windows.

I imagine my little art retreat here, with most of the space occupied by spacious tables for art and craft making, full of light, and then a smaller cozy nook for sleeping!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

The little vacation - Beach

The beach in the summer is great. More so if you're a kid. Sand and water are a kid's best toys.

My brother and I used to spend hours at a time bathing in the ocean when we were kids. It was so fun to jump the waves. Then for many years I haven't done it anymore (almost never)

But this year I beat the cold and had several wonderful ocean sessions!

We like to drive a little to go to the less crowded beaches possible. The further to the south the less crowded is the rule.

Several gorgeous sunsets. I tried to capture the many colors in the sky on this particular serene afternoon.

And many mornings, while the boys were still sleeping, I took great walks at the close by beaches.

A lot of mental expansion and inspiration! Crisp and windy most days, the early morning fresh air so lovely.

And these good territorial friends are there year after year. I see them in my walk to the beach close by. They nest in a little hollow in the meadow.  I was on a mission to take a pic of their beautiful yellow eyes and for that I stepped closely little by little, veeeeery slow, one step at a time with long stops between steps so they wouldn't fly away or be scared. They're so fun to watch. Their little heads move very fast in the horizontal at almost 360 degrees while the body is completely still!  I took my pictures and soon they flew away. When I got to the other side of the road, a lady watching told me that you need to be careful since sometimes they attack people.

Later I'll tell you about the little forest.

Monday, January 1, 2018

A New Year

While concentrated on our plots and agendas

we've travelled around Sun for another 365 days

in Mother Earth’s perfect orbit.

What are we but space-time travellers

enjoying a fleeting moment

of eternal beauty?


To life, 

to breathing, 

to sunshine, 

to planting and growing, 

to painting and singing!
Many blessings on a new year!