Monday, November 29, 2010

The Craft sale

The craft sale- so much fun- such a good time! I wasn't expecting to have such a nice time.
The people were generous and warm in their feedback - I was happy and excited to sell. And most of all, it was a pleasure to share it with my friend Tamar.

(Tamar- the beautiful gypsy on the left and me)

We hardly stopped talking for a minute!

She did awesome with her beautiful jewelry.

I'm pretty sure her shop will soon be online.

Close to the end, I got the visit of a sweet little helper: Theo.

He ate everything edible in the fair, drank hot chocolate, memorized my price list (without me asking him) and at the end he helped me pack the unsold pieces into little bags (he carefully counted 5 pieces per bag as I've instructed him to do)

On our way home, he got a present for being so good: a magnetic drawing board.

Drawing is one of his favorite games these days!


  1. It was a great time Meli - we must have written our posts around the same time. They do look very similar. see you soon!

  2. and thanks for the lovely comments!

  3. Wow! With all that bright and beautiful jewelry, who could stay away? :)

    I hope that you had a very nice time. Yay for friends! :)

  4. Aww, so sweet to have a good little helper. Your jewelry is lovely!