Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Working arrangements

When I was pregnant with my first boy I thought that once he was born I would have this working setting: I'd work on one side of the big bed with my laptop, and he'd play quietly or sleep by my side. That would last for a couple of hours and then, when I was done, we would play and cuddle together.

Seriously. I thought that.

It's funny how little you know when you embark in some things. Luckily!

After 5 years and a master course in babies, toddlers, young kids and humility I know better.

Last Saturday though, my fantasy came true and I was able to work with a myriad of miniature, delicate things, all exposed around me on the floor, and both my kids just by my side...this lasted for half a hour but I felt happy and blessed - finally!

Add to that some rare fall sunshine in Vancouver and you could think you're in Nirvana

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