Sunday, February 20, 2011

Creative Chaos

of various kinds...

I was reading "Crave" Seatle, a brochure featuring women entrepreneurs.
Sara Eizen, an interior decorator says she is inspired by "mamapreneurs" since they manage to juggle two full-time jobs. Two full-time jobs! Can you imagine that?

I understand it completely- I feel I'm so much there. That's exactly how it feels and still it's difficult to give validation to the work of a mother, to recognize it REALLY as the totally demanding task it is.

No wonder my friends who are moms and I are exhausted most of the time.

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  1. Oh Meli, this is so true! How can we do it all? But we still try don't we?
    Creative chaos is great even if the house is a mess at the end of the day. Yes we are tired but it is important to keep the part of us before children alive and well even if it is hard to do so sometimes. kisses to you. x