Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Deco Project finale

So after my artwork was done and hanged there was a final touch of color that was needed

Let me introduce my quick recycled mobile made with humble...egg carton.

You don't need a tutorial to figure out the "how to"

But I can tell you, these "butterflies" are so light, and happy and just feel the perfect final touch of my bedroom handmade decoration project.

Hello orange!

And on a final note: I'm observing how the need of "quick" comes repeatedly to my creation process. In the last few years of maternity + running a business + life etc, I've just tried to cope by going faster and faster. Being quick has become the default, a hard to change habit.
I'm turning my focus to the necessity to relearn slow. And to the practice to go slower.

Melina: GO SLOW.

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