Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hello World!

I had the pleasure of having my work featured in the great blog All Things Paper, a work of love of Ann Martin. I've discovered the blog not long ago and I was delighted and amazed to be able to get to knnow the work of so many supertalented paper artists. (Visit her and see for yourself)

As you can imagine it meant a lot to me that Ann took the time to so generously feature my own work. And the wonderful gift of this was to receive the visit of people from all around the world in this blog. I was following my traffic information table yesterday with uttermost delight to "receive" so many friends.

That's only a small sample of the day of yesterday. Hello people! And thanks so much for coming by!

These days are bittersweet. The situation in Japan is omnipresent in my daily routine. I'm sticking to the news, maybe too much, wishing I'll soon read that the Fukushima situation is finally under control. I'm thinking of the people working in the plant, about all those residents close by, about those who have lost family and homes by the tsunami. Makes me feel very sad and scared.

At the same time, I'm focusing in the small gifts of everyday

Trying to slow down to appreciate Life around me

and be thankful for the present moment and its many gifts.

With prayers and thoughts for relief of the current situation and for this being an opportunity for all of us, human beings.

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  1. congratulations Meli. your work deserves the attention it gets as it is beautiful. don't follow the news at all times...