Monday, April 25, 2011

Looooooooooong Weekend

Easter Holiday in Canada is 4 days. The challenge with the kids was to keep them entertained, seeing what we already have with new eyes, incorporating a few new little things into our repertoire- We've alternated going out with playing inside. It's been graceful and lovely at some moments and a messy ungraceful business at others.

I'll show you some of the good bits here (and will extend a blanket of compassion and forgiveness to the monster of a mom I managed to be at some particular moments- In my defence: the dad was away on a working trip)

OK- confession made! Now to the images:

"Things to make and do during a long weekend"

Try your first human figure- make sure to add "curls"

The school give out a cute little chicken as a souvenir on Earth Day- that generates a sibling war for the "Cheeky". Enters mom and gets pom poms from the dollar store and a Cheeky family is born. War is immediately over. Interest on the cheeky business is over too! Success?

While shopping at the supermarket we find a huge bin of little cars on sale. Each boy is allowed to get 2 new ones. Back home we put our entire collection together and make inventory. The categories are "Cool", "Okay" and "Sucky"

Some more chalkboard art with amazing new chalks

And upon Dad's return, some orderly construction with blocks.

Looking forward to enjoying the last day of vacation afternoon!

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  1. Meli, how fun! I am glad you came to the egg hunt. hope you got some rest after Pablito got back. x