Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dolls update

Hi there! Anyone reading this blog for some time (hi Mom!) knows I have a project involving dolls going on for quite some time.

I've come back from Buenos Aires with renewed inspiration and a great desire to go back into my world of dolls and I'll show you the last update.

Next time you see these guys they're going to be all beautiful, with dyed hairs, elegant outfits and make up.

When I was 3 I saw a cartoon of Gulliver's Travels on TV. It made such an impact that I immediately started drawing. Like crazy. every single minute. I never had enough paper.

I drew everything but most of all I loved drawing little women. And their stories went on and on in my mind while I filled endless blank pages with images.

My love for drawing women characters was what sent me to the University to study Fashion Design, and later on, took me into sculpture to experiment a fantastic world of female creatures coming from I don't know where.

And even in the present, expressing these creatures is the most authentic art form that I can find.

I'm working in some new little women that I'll be showing in time. I'll let them speak to me for a while and when I know what stories they want to tell, I'll share them here.

Thanks for reading!

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