Friday, July 22, 2011

New Work

Without much preamble let me introduce my new body of work.



These little creatures have irrupted through me passionately, devouring all my attention and interest.

It has been hard to focus on much else lately!

The fact that I'm a mother, wife and business owner - among many other things- hasn't allowed for much of a validated time and space to work on them so I've dedicated them all my stolen minutes here and there.

Some guilt for avoiding human interactions and for feeding too much pasta to my family involved.

Now that they're out there I look forward to regain some balance.


1 comment:

  1. vida del artista ¨mujer¨, gracias!!!
    Cuando uno escucha ese llamado viene de lo que escucha las infinitas nuestra naturaleza más profunda...qué bueno que la dejaste ser.
    A muchos nutre.
    Son una belleza!!! Y más...