Thursday, August 4, 2011

Green Summery things

Summer has finally settled in Vancouver. It took some time but we're now enjoying the spectacular beauty of this place with its many associated treats.

Here're some green, summery, battery charging, endorphin generating things this:

A day at Alouette Lake- Golden Ears Park, 1 hour from home

A shades of green necklace modelled by my beautiful, yoga teacher friend Vicki

A bunch of linden flowers picked up after some tai chi morning practice under its aromatic shade. Probably my favorite aroma in the world...After I made a cup of tea with these flowers.
I drank it in my deck and a thought came: "this moment is its own reward"

And a couple more Mandalas "extracted" from the Kaladala I'm currently playing with.

Thanks for stopping by, and tell me, what's your favorite aroma in the world?

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