Monday, August 15, 2011

Learning Curve

I'm a self taught person by nature. I tend to reach new stages by trying to solve any given "problem". And thanks to the internet a great deal of knowledge is readily available to learn, explore and process.

I had a lot of fun modelling this little project of an articulated doll.
So far it's only limbs but eventually, some wire armature will connect all the body and we'll see where this creature wants to go.

In the process I've realizes what a wonderful clay this one is (it's a homemade air dry clay) and started little experiments with jewelry.

the clay has its own properties that for some pieces in particular are more efficient than the paper clay (and less in some other cases). The pros are so remarkable that I'll be certainly incorporating it to my jewelry craft from now on. It will allow me to create in a new range of size (small) and thickness (paper thin) with a spectacular hardness and copying characteristics.

I'm happy! I'll be sharing my progress!

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