Saturday, October 15, 2011

The tunnel

Autumnal viruses have attacked us, imposing day after day of forced indoors staying.
One after the other, the kids, I and now my mom were sick.

Days were spent in much craft/creative activity.

And well used! The most remarkable achievement: Mica has taught himself to use the toilet.
No more diapers!

It's a sunny Saturday morning. The smell of toasted sunflower and sesame seeds in the house.
The kids are playing together a game of their invention: Cars 3. I keep telling them: Invent your own games- don't depend on TV.

Since yesterday Theo has been drawing some amazing tiny stories over entire pages. With a thin red marker, the most endearing spaceships and superheros, with some of his delicious handwriting. I think they're some sort of cartoon.

There will be some jewelry back soon. For now, I'll spend some time reading this most fantastic book

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