Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bridesmaids Custom Necklaces

A while ago, a ver sweet lady saw this necklace from my shop and she liked it.

She asked me if I could make her bridesmaids necklaces in this style.

She sent me this link from the shop where she got her bridesmaids' dresses and indicated the chosen colors:

And that's how I've made my first set of Bridesmaids necklaces

No need to explain further: they're customizable! Let me know the colors and I'll match them in my pieces.

Oh how I loved this idea! What a pretty gift!


  1. These are fabulous colors! All the new items in your shop are just stunning, Melina. I don't see how you can keep "topping" yourself like you always do! :)

  2. very beautiful Meli. love the colours of the little flowers. xx