Monday, November 21, 2011

Rainy Monday

I'm happy to report that the Sale went really well. Tamar and I had a lovely time. We chatted, we munched healthy snacks provided by her, we appreciated the works of the other artisans, really beautiful stuff, and we both had a good number of sales, which made us happy, but most, many super sweet comments from new people as well as from lovely ladies that were hoping to meet us this year since they were so happy with their items from last year!

My boys arrived in the afternoon in some sort of bad shape, bad mood. They weren't having such a great time as me, so it was obvious that the perspective of an unhappy Theo staying for another two hours was a bad idea.

I missed the companion of m little helper. I know it'd have been exciting for him to see the next step for mama's pieces. He sees me everyday spending so much time on my jewelry. It'd have been nice for him to realize that this pieces eventually come out to the world, to the hands of other real people.

Anyway! I'm a very happy girl and will be posting a few photos soon.

And slowly, the photos of new pieces here. This is the first of a few: my Golden Sun Lace earrings.

Have a very good week!

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  1. I'm glad the sale went well - sounds like a fun day. It's too bad about Theo missing out, but there will be other times, no doubt. Pretty new earrings.