Friday, December 30, 2011

Paper and Clay

Another post on the different look of a same piece in paper:

and clay:

Although I'm settled with clay now, I must say that my love for paper clay remains very big.

A nice and quiet day today. Both kids off school playing at home. I'm being over indulgent with them regarding playing screen little games (a.k.a. IPad). Taking good advantage of my own time by updating the photos and new stuff on my shop and baking Panetonne. (more to come about that if I get a success ;)

Thursday, December 29, 2011


I have a couple of new very romantic pieces recently created and being added to the shop.

This is one of them

I imagine the woman wearing this necklace as an ethereal day dreamer with pretty vintage outfits and a deep voice. And old photo camera in her hands??

Wait! That's me at 25! ;)

I hope you like it! Peace and Love!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


It's been a couple lovely days. Resting and creating. All 4 of us doing things that we really love to do (playing guitar for the gentleman, jewelry making for the lady, playing with new toys for the kids). All at a relaxed pace. No rush, no stress.

Everything interspersed with meeting friends and sharing good food.

Oh! And a bit of science documentaries: NOVA, the Fabric of Cosmos. It was very interesting and somehow disturbing. The last postulates of Physics about time and space...Is the trusty material world an Hologram?

To more tangible things: I'm sharing this custom order. It's for a grandmother of Twins: a girl (A) and a boy (Z)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Everything and Happy Always!

With warm loving thoughts to every corner of the world and beyond!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tiny Houses

The topic has really got me hooked. This is a beach house interior found at Tiny House Blog

Sunday, December 18, 2011

In Seattle

A few days in Seattle. A trip away from home is usually very inspiring. The change of perspective always seems to trigger my curiosity first, my creativity then, and third comes an irresistible urge to create, to try, to listen, to read what I've encountered in my way.

And I don't need to go too far to find inspiration.

While Theo and Mica play beautifully around me, deep into a world of baby animals and monsters of all sorts I'll recapitulate my findings on this trip.

The work of Carol Farrow. I saw her spoons on the wall of a small design shop and simply fell in love. Later I googled her and I found out her medium is paperclay and handmade paper. I got impressed and inspired to say the least.

Tiny Houses by Jay Shafer. How I wish I have one! Some day... This is not something from Seattle but a book that I've brought with me.

And mostly, the company of my dear girlfriends, Ingrid and Amy.

So really nurturing for my heart and soul to be around these extraordinary women!

Cheers for now! A quiet evening of turkey baguette sandwiches and a movie awaits us. Small pleasures!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Daisies for a Bridal Party

4 Bridemaids, 2 flowergirls. A lovely lady who suggested the idea.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Almost Winter

It's not yet oficially winter, 11 more days until the solstice, but all the signs of winter are here.

Contrary to the South Hemisphere where the mix of Christmas and heat drives people excited and frantic, Winter and Christmas, envelopes me here with a atmosphere of slowness and calm. Especially being Jewish I don't need to worry too much about rituals and present, only enjoy the beauty around me.

I'm spending my days working a bit. Here're some fresh pieces that I haven't shared in a while

I'm cooking the heart and belly warming foods of winter (and belly fattening I should add!)

Argentinean empanadas (recipe from my Mother in law: simply delicious and so easy that it's guilty to confess you can make them in minutes)

And spinach gnocchi. So yummy! I've taken the initial recipe from Delicious Days, a favorite food blog and repeated it many times with yam instead of spinach.

I've spent the mornings of the past week walking around in the city. In places I love but I never go. This is an extraordinary luxury of time that I rarely allow myself. Always deeply attached to real and not so real duties and job to do. But taking advantage to the less busy time of the year with my stationery company, the real job, I simply let myself have fun.

Having more free time to feel and think and experience, has taken me to the shores of a place I know well but seldom visit: the Island of Deep Water of Renewal. It's an inner retreat. For the heart and soul. Oh how I've missed my Island! I haven't realized that until this week I found myself unplugged and alone with my thoughts. Sunshine on my face, in a very cold morning, walking on Venables street. :)

And here: two beautiful gnomes that like to sit almost on top of the fireplace every morning.

We're going to the Aquarium this afternoon. The Aquarium in Vancouver is wonderful and the favorite thing in the world for my kids at the moment are Octopuses, Jellyfish and Sea Creatures.

I've gotten them this for Christmas. Or more exactly: Santa is bringing them for Hanukah...ehem... (we've settled on that mix)

I know they'll be a super hit and I almost want to give them to them now!

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sailboat Necklace

I love this antique sailboat image and made a new necklace with it.

A romantic version in gold and cream, with the addition of a starfish and a custom initial

Monday, December 5, 2011

Toys for myself

The kids and I went shopping for a few little new things to brighten our wintery days.

For myself: a warm hat (or toque as the Canadian say), a bright turquoise covered notebook for my handwritten journal, some texture paper as inspiration for a new line of jewelry to come after New Year and new acrylic colors to work with on that line too.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


I've been triying some demos for bridesmaid necklaces with Daisies