Friday, January 20, 2012

Another preview

I still couldn't photograph the new pieces I'm working on, but this is another brief preview of the upcoming line. A bit rustic, a bit urban. Colorful but nicely toned down by the dark background.

I've cut, sanded and paint a big batch. Then I put it all together, felt happy with the results so far, and decided to add some missing bits. Mainly triangles.

I'll soon paint batch 2 and then it's photo session time. I set myself the goal to have a new Etsy shop for this line up and running in two months from January 1st, and it seems doable. Let's see how it progresses.

I'm glad it's Friday! It means movie night together as a family and a lazy start tomorrow. Maybe an early start as usual, but no pressure to have two kiddies 4 and 6 dressed up and ready to go through the door in an hour. A very trying daily chore I must say!

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