Friday, January 6, 2012

Rustic experiments

I've been working in some experimental pieces for the last couple of months, expressing a darker, dirtier, more worn look for my jewelry.

Picking up the thread from the very early days with Palomaria when my pieces looked like this:

The new pieces won't go well in Palomaria since it has turned into a most feminine, romantic side lately.

So I'm planning putting this series in its own little cyber spot. I've estimated I need 2 months to fully develop the beginning of the line and uploading it. Let's see if that's realistic.


  1. Oh, these new ones you are working on are beautiful! They're very different from the ones currently in your shop, but I think that they will do very well. I love all of the colors you chose, especially the grays and blues. Looking forward to seeing these from you soon. :)

  2. simply lovely! good to see you this morning!