Sunday, February 5, 2012

Flamenco Dolls

The past days have been very very busy. In addition to the real job and the domestic realm, I've been working on a big wholesale order for Gorgeous and Green in San Francisco and a couple of orders from Etsy.

And in my "free" time, I keep adding to my new line of jewelry (soon to be revealed), and these days I had a new exciting project. A custom Flamenco doll.

Warning! spooky images ahead

This is the paper mache + polymer clay head structure. The pipecleaners are in place to hold the sleeves/arms.

First coat of paint.

Fast forward a big chunk and we have a more finished (but far away from completion) beauty.

The belle and the...


My client will pick one and I'll keep the other. What's your favorite so far?

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Big Hello to all the lovely visitors coming through All Things Paper

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