Saturday, June 16, 2012


It's been awhile since I've been here. Pablo's parents visiting from Argentina kept us happily busy and very much in "family" plan. We've been sharing meals, going outs, and even a short trip to Seattle.

The kids were excited and lavished with an attention they're not used to have. They really enjoyed their "Abus" to the max.

My creative impulses for the past weeks were toward my The la Plata line. Fuelled by the trip to Seattle, that for some reason inspires me in that direction. After another lovely lunch at Cafe Flora, we stopped at the toy shop. Pablo, the abus and the kids entered and I stayed on the car at the parking lot for a memorable (short but extremely productive) session of sketching and designing new pieces.

A couple of those designs are already a real thing. (pics coming very soon)

In the meantime let me share some older The la Plata creations (and please make sure to stop by the shop if you want to see more)

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