Monday, July 23, 2012

Another day

Almost finished with all my orders. Tomorrow I'll be shipping the last few and I'm re opening the shop on Wednesday. In between some painting and assembly of pieces I took time today to unclutter the racks of shoes and pile of winter clothing hung at the entrance. I put away the folded laundry that was sitting there for days.
Replenishing of fridge + some inspired baking and dinner making. Some wonderful red lentil soup with Martu's recipe- superb!
And mostly, many many kisses to the kids that were really needing a mom that truly sees them. The frenzy of work had an effect on them, and the last few days were more chaotic than our usual and daily chaos.

I've been reading a bit about non violent communication...not sure if I got anything clear but even the name offers food for thought for me as a parent.

Finally: a quote from Jen Lee via Superhero Journal

4. The wisdom of the organizational world does not always strictly apply to creative work. Our strategy must be as inspired as our making. My favorite creatives remember they are artists first and don’t lose themselves in contexts like Sales and Marketing.

This has always been a deep intuition for me and I was glad to read it so well formulated from this brilliant woman.

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