Sunday, July 22, 2012

Work Marathon

Marathon session of work while Pablo is out with the kids. I marvel at my own productivity,  I assembled 30 pieces and then painted another 20 without blinking an eye.
Meanwhile I watch Netflix old movies: "13 going on 30" and "Braveheart"(????)
Yes, I'm officially burnt out!

I get to pause at midday for a quick tasty lunch of tortilla with avocado, feta cheese and arugula- then back to work.

This morning: summit with the kids. We're setting eating hours (snacks included)
These kids are out of control and eating non stop. It's driving me crazy and really creating a bad habit- so now: we're in a timetable. They got it perfectly.

Another short trip downstairs for a quick session of glueing and then I'll call it a day.
Miraculously I found time to get a good bread done in the oven, that we'll have for dinner with some Deli meat from Granville Island. Turkey for the kids and Proscciutto for us.

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