Friday, August 17, 2012

Back Home

This is an amazing view of the city from my mom's window at the Hotel last time. We returned to an upside down house - we couldn't believe the mess and the "un liveability" of the situation, but luckily some angels came to the rescue at last minute making the place liveable again. Help seems to be all around. 

We're scheduling phase 2 of the repair works so very soon we'll have to switch to gypsy mode again and leave the house early in September (when school for the kids starts- oh the fun!)

The hot topic of the day is the movie "Paranorman" soon to be released...they can't wait.

Catching up with work the entire week. Working happily and intensely while thanks God! mom is here to help with everything. I don't think she worked harder on any of her previous trips. Not even when the kids were born!

Work is always rewarding and fills me with joy. The clay, the colors, the sweet combinations are therapy. This week has seen me achieve a major improvement in my color technique. I'm changing the process quite radically color wise, all for the better.

And in the midst of chaos and a non existent floor (covered by a patchwork of messy BLACK carpets) I'm thankful for my beautiful family, for the moments we share, for the roof that still is over our heads!

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