Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tourists in Vancouver

The flood was pretty bad. Major work had to be done in our house and we had to move to a hotel in the city for a few days to let the first phase of repairs take place.

A bit stressful. Fun indeed. We're having our meals in restaurants and enjoying as much as we can while our house is in a pretty poor state. Really heartbreaking to see our nest in skeletal state with some of the flooring, carpets, walls and ceilings removed.

I can't help being suspicious of the restoration company assessment. It was a little flood and they seem to be taking the whole house apart.

The kids on vacations and my mom visiting seem to make things easier. It feels like a little adventure. (For some reason very exhausting though)

Let's see what we find tomorrow when we return.

Let's better think of birdies, OK?

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