Tuesday, September 11, 2012


On our trip to Portland I went to Blick in the Pearl district and picked my birthday present (from my mom). I've been thinking for some time that I wanted to try mono block printing and carve my own blocks, so I made a nice selection of elements to do that.

I carved this rubber block. It was so easy and pleasurable since the material is deliciously soft

And I've tried linoleum too that was not difficult either although it went slower and my hand hurt a bit after some time. It took me a couple of days.

The carved block is a beautiful thing in itself. I thought how the background is as much part of the composition as the main image.

I've made some proofs. I've used different inks. Acrylics and xylography ink.

It's been so nice...I'm sure there will be more. The carved background triggered new ideas for jewelry pieces for The La Plata. I'm planning a whole change of direction for that line.

Tomorrow I'll be reopening Palomaria! My hands miss the clay.

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