Friday, September 7, 2012

What a vacation!

My mom and I joke about her travel/visit this time...we say: what a vacation!
So much has been happening this month...the equivalent of a year.

Since the flood early in August and to allow the reparations works we've been so far to 4 hotels 

(of course I'm including 2 well spent on our mini Seattle-Portland vacation)

Portland was so so lovely...I could happily live there if alone for Powells Books

A sweet boy got 7 in Portland!

Lovely little city...

And enjoying the life in the hotel

Now a new hotel in Vancouver...not as tourists but as temporary residents. From here Mica and Theo started school, both with happy stories to share. I was very relieved to see them starting school OK from our hotel platform. The thought of it made me feel very anxious for the past weeks but as usual, things are worse in my imagination than in real life!

 More beautiful sights from our downtown terrace. I can get used to this easy living!

Tonight the kids are sleeping a couple rooms away with grandma and I miss them quite a disproportional lot, given that a mere 4 hours ago I almost forced them to go through the door to sleep in her room!

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