Monday, November 26, 2012


Lots of things going on.

Cardboard boxes everywhere.
Computer crash- already fixed.
Goodbyes to dear friends.
Phone calls.
Trowing away. Lots. And lots. And lots.
Buying things to take to Argentina.
More packing.
Reading of old journals. Our early days as immigrants in Canada.
Feeling grateful.
Some sadness.
Connection with the future.
Visualization of the new house.
A walk on the forest- Beautiful and cold!
Another bit of packing.

Sweet kisses! I'll be busy for now.

Palomaria will reopen early next year- as soon as we're settled again.
I'll be working as usual.

For now, the shop is on vacation. I'm a very busy bee on the domestic field.
I may or may not write this blog in the meantime.

Just in case: very happy holidays!


  1. Buena mudanza, buena bienvenida, buen comienzo de año, todo lo bueno para ustedes! Y ya nos leeremos! Besos

  2. Gracias Linda! Lo mismo para vos y tu familia! Me encanta tu blog!