Friday, November 2, 2012


 Lately we've been doing horrible, horrible things.
There were spooky fingers, monsters, and bags filled with candy.

A couple of times we lit the fireplace (although it's not too cold yet the children love it)

And mornings have been remarkable easier!

Soon we'll be packing our entire house for our move to Argentina. People ask me if I'm excited...well, that's not a word to describe the predominant clouds of feelings that appear at this moment. There's the inevitable stress, some mourning for our current life, but also the fleeting images of the great moments that we remember from the past in Argentina: the forest and seaside at the beach, the dear friends. The possibility of seeing grandma in half an hour!

While I look forward to be settled there as soon as possible and have the children well adjusted to the new, I'm more than ever reminding myself to dwell in the present. On the way to school every morning I look at the spectacular red of the Japanese Maple trees and let the color and the tree sink deep in me. I love those trees and want them to be in me forever!

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