Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Snapshots of lately

We're spending our days playing with the few things we have here with us. The kids and I are making the most of what we have and I'm delighted to see how very creative we turn when we have less things around.

Intensive Lego building at breakfast time every morning.

Paper toys make wonderful adventures. Boats, planes and cut our drawings are as good as real Playmobile or Lego.

I can't stop playing with the pencil colors (I brought them as a present for a little girl but had to open them myself as a self help measure in this transition and stressful times. A new world of color is coming out of them. An unexpected gift.)

And just for the records: a breakfast for myself- those oat-raisins cookies are really the best!

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  1. I hope everything will go well for you and the family, Melina. I'm sure the move has been stressful. Do take care and I wish you a happy new year!