Friday, December 7, 2012

The house is empty

The guys from the moving company did their job. The came, created a whirlwind for 3 days and left. Our entire pile of stuff fit in the container. Relief! I thought it wouldn't.

They made a good, professional job although didn't care too much for the previous classification of my own stuff. The principle was: fill every little empty spot.

Although it was stressful, it wasn't that bad after all. No reason to be sleepless in advance as I was.

The house is now empty. It's fun. We all 4 share a few dishes, sleep all together in one big family bed (mattress on the floor). There's not much to do now except some cleaning, last minute errands and enjoying precious moments with dear friends. Last night, sushi and champagne in Vicky's house: how chic! Sushi is a very popular and easy to find food here (although we got the best sushi in town)

Today we'll spend another leisure day: while the kids are at school we'll go to Granville Island to say goodbye to our favorite spot in the city and to have lunch at the new restaurant there. Granted, there will be a visit to Opus Art while Pablo has a working meeting.

The kis will take some souvenirs to school today. We hope to stay in touch with the little friends as well!

Excitement, nervousness, tenderness, fleeting tears here and there, some hunger for new adventures.

The feeling that in front of the new and unknown, we're going to be really, really fine.

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