Monday, April 1, 2013

My big boys

Lately I've surprised myself thinking about how big my boys are.

I don't know if it's the trip and change of country or just life but I'm delighted at how much they're playing together, finding their own world. They're a bit more independent and  enjoying their world of play and invention.

Some friends tell me that they miss the baby days so much, that they want to have another baby when they're close to one. Not me! This particular moment when they're so tender, and loving and affectionate and at the same time not so all demanding as before are just wonderful to me!
I feel grateful that we're finally here and enjoying them enormously!

These two beautiful, intelligent, sweet boys! I love you two so much!!


  1. Don't think I'm a horrible mother, but the baby stage nearly did me in...I was so happy to read your account of your enjoyment of your boys new independence and camaraderie. Mine were like that too ( girl and boy, 2 years apart) and formed a great friendship during our moves across the country. Now they are 16 and 14 and we are so enjoying the teenage stage - don't let anyone tell you it's a terrible time!
    They look like wonderful boys! much more to come!

  2. Hi Claire! What a lovely comment! I'm so happy to hear someone saying that the teen years are enjoyable :) thanks for a fresh perspective! I'll go to visit your blog tonight! Take care and thanks for stopping by! Meli

  3. Hi Meli, I am really enjoying your little posts here. so glad the move went well and that you are enjoying your boys and your life in BA. lots of love from us. xxxx