Monday, September 9, 2013

Forty Three

My Birthday! Yes I spent it in bed with the cold of the year- fever galore! But yet, strangely it was the sweetest birthday ever. I only got out of bed to receive sweet hugs and kisses and some delicious food (that I didn't cook ;)

The kids were very involved with card making this year, and since I'll be getting a bike as a present they made lovely bike-themed cards.

Mica is experimenting with first words and realistic sweet is his card? He was so proud! (with a little help of dad)

And Theo, with his little graphic designer gene, made this beautiful one with a pocket full with bikes and flowers.

Pablo gave me flowers, made ravioli and was in charge of the fortress.

My mom was a rock star being all over the place and bringing a quality of non-technology invaded mental order...does it make any sense?

My family and best friends called and mailed with heartfelt lovely wishes.

I can't ask for more. I'm enormously grateful for all this love and this beauty in my life. My feelings yesterday were simply: acknowledge your treasure and water it everyday with the best that you can give. Even when you feel lazy or hurried, or stressed, go slow, but do the job: take the time it takes. Talk kindly to the kids. Be as respectful and patient to others as you wish others to be with yourself. Nothing new, eh? Only that this day, in my snot filled head, this knowledge became intensified ;P

For another happy year filled with love and art and flowers! And to you all!

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