Thursday, October 31, 2013

Mar del Plata II

Some clouds didn't bother us

 Fun at the seaside, even on a cloudy day, even fully dressed (almost) and later very wet

Cafe at the Boston, a favorite of Pablo and I (Favorite book store a block apart was closed on a Sunday)

Real Birthday on the 21st with Plants Vs. Zombies Homemade card and his monster of choice as a present

More sea

 Lunch with spectacular view (another favourite)

 Our own wimpy kid was a little feverish that day

More Cafe at the Peralta Ramos Forest Neighbourhood (and alfajor- typical pastry of Argentina- filled with dulce de leche)

It was really chilly here

 And candle on yummy chocolate cake at night at the hotel with grandma and uncle Emi

Breakfast farewell on Monday morning

And farewell to the calm, shiny, serene, spectacular, very beloved Atlantic Sea- I hope to be back again as soon as possible!

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