Friday, December 13, 2013


M was here and we had a blast working, enjoying each other company and experimenting with food.
She taught me how to make cheese from sunflower seeds. Squeeze, shape and voila!

Enjoy with a coat of sesame + Himalayan salt mix powder. And looks pretty too!

Then she showed me how to make sunflower+almond+coconut milk. Very easy and beyond delicious. You can enjoy this milk with coffee and better yet in smoothies with fruit (so you don't apply heat and kill the nutrients)

This milk makes me very happy because for a long time I've been avoiding giving milk to the boys knowing that cow milk is of very little nutritional value and cause of mucus. With this one I'll be able to offer them a great alternative. (While they didn't like it alone, it passed the test in a smoothie). Hurray for seeds milk and for my new blender! Such a source of joy- I can't believe I've gone so far without one.

With the remaining solids after the milk is drained, you get this amazing "bagazo". A healthy ground mix of almond, sunflower and coconut that, together with fruit and honey made a 5 stars breakfast - Pablo approved with delight- what's not to love in it! And nothing is waisted.

So I'm amazed and grateful for all this new knowledge. I feel great bringing healthy food to my family and already planning variations to these using other seeds (I'm trying cashew cheese and walnut milk soon)

Finally, and also on the food front, this is the new delight we've been savouring these days: grapefruit from a "mate" steel straw. Nothing simpler and fresher and more delicious than this in a hot summer day~

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