Tuesday, February 11, 2014


For the sake of documenting our lives and this blog to be an account of our days for our children, after all I've decided to state that about a month ago, we've been robbed at home at gunpoint.

All very quick, and short and non violent as having a man pointing a gun at your husband in your living room at 10PM while your kids are watching cartoons in their room in the first floor can be.

We handed over the money, he took my computer (that appeared 2 days after thanks to the miraculous find of a lovely neighbour. The thief left it by a tree!)

All this is not rare in this country these days and we knew it was in the range of the "expectable" but yet it's bitter and came not without some stress.

Anyways, here we are, really fine.It seems like old news now.

Moving forward and grateful that it happened the way it happened.

Said! I'll illustrate this post with pictures of a fun, delightful and soulful piece that I've created as a custom commission recently.

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  1. Wow Meli, qué feo, no es algo de "estos días" solamente, me pasó en el 2001, y ese simple hecho me cambió la vida!
    Beso grande