Monday, February 24, 2014


Last adventure of this summer: a week at the beach in our dear town of always.

Probably due to the excellent Feng Shui of the house, it's always a wonderful vacation to be there...even if we don't go out that much.

The house is very comfortable although oldie. Very cozy, ample and inviting to rest and read on its couches, and to sleep until late every morning. Our average was 9:30 AM which is extraordinary late by our standards.

It was a working vacation for Pablo so long chunks of the day were spent indoors. (And nobody was disappointed- not even a bit). He set up his office at the kitchen.

I set up shop in the kitchen counter as in my old days. I've spent a lot of time working on new ideas for my jewelry. That's exactly my kind of restful time: a lovely place, family and time to play creatively. I hope my new creations will soon see light...

There was of course some time at the beach, and at the forest (here feeding the fish on the pond with bread crumbs that the tea house owner gave them)

And many pleasures of the yummy kind. Here "papa fritas" with ketchup. (I think Micael would be happy to live on ketchup only)

A visit to the very good new Contemporary Art Museum (an interactive set up here)

And a highlight of the travel: Theo making handmade paper in my friend's studio space. A space that has a lot of history for us and that's going through a stage of revitalization and wonderful new beginnings! I plan to  have my children seriously helping in work as soon as possible. Not yet though! This was only playing and he loved it!

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