Tuesday, April 22, 2014


-Mica: what are you going to do with your tooth fairy money?
-I'll buy cheese puffs

Thursday, April 17, 2014


With Mother's Day in May,  April is the busiest month for me. Orders start to pour in (I'm so very grateful for this) and I need to be ready for this change of pace.

This year I'm better prepared than before. I hire some temp help. My friend Mariana comes for a week at a time to help and camp with us. While she's here we eat healthier. It's so good to work together again!

The fist 2 weeks of April, Pablo was away on a working trip and my mom stayed here with us. (So she had "peace of mind" said my lovely jewish mother). We had a blast with her, the kids, and for 5 days Mariana was part of the group.

With my mom we played Generala (a dice game), she taught the kids some iddish, and fun and joy abounded even if I had my load of work plus all the duties with the kids relied on me alone. I took about a million cabs a day back and to school. Some areas simplified: the kids and I camped in my room: taking turns every night: one in my bed, one on a mattress on the floor. I love that sort of things. Mom helped with the food, the laundry, and the her company made everything better.

The kids were great. They helped and behaved better than ever. They understood the message that while papa was away each one was expected to get off the bed without complaints, dress up fast, etc.
They were really up to the task. I'm enjoying them getting older. Theo now loves school and is happy among his friends (when before he didn't like to go to school so much). Mica on the contrary,  is having a hard time getting used to 1st grade, There's some crying and resistance almost every school night. That came as a surprise since he had such a great last year (his first in Argentina). In his teacher words he became a positive leader, beloved by his friends. Now, even when the group of kids are the same in the new school, he's finding it hard. Transitions. We're there for him, supportive al the time. I know he'll overcome it in time.

On the clay front I had the chance to develop new pieces for Thelaplata (my very neglected baby) and I'll share some with you.

 And now off to start the day. Taoist stretching to begin with and then several hours ahead of multicoloured soft clay in my hands with a full house around me. (No school).

Not a bad way to spend a Holiday! Happy Easter, Pesach, and a happy rest for everybody!

Friday, April 4, 2014

New Sets for Bridesmaids

I'm customizing my sets all the times. I love to listen to my bride's ideas to adapt my existing pieces.
This is the beautiful product of one of those collaborations (if I may say so)