Sunday, July 27, 2014

At the Beach, so cold

Winter vacation at the beach. So very cold, so cold! We like it.

We had to go out and buy a new heater. The first day we camped together on one room to keep it warm. Fun. The house had been closed for months and it takes a while to heat it up.
We decided that we could not go without another heater for the other room.

We keep the house warm. Some strategy of closing certain doors at night to keep the warmth in the rooms we need. So at morning, the living room is warm and you open the kitchen door and it's freezing. I make mate and turn the oven on with door open for a while. That does the trick.

At night under the blankets...another microclimate. My nose is hardly above the blankets and I feel the cold air. Memories of our first winter in Vancouver in our ground level suite on 4th ave. We relied on the central heating (was obviously insufficient). It didn't occur to us to buy a radiator. Why? I don't know. Money was tight but I don't think it was that. Maybe coming from a warm climate it took us a while to realize that kind of cold was the new normal...I don't know

Theo has a fever and Mica a strange rush. He's desperately itchy (at nights) I think after some beach combing with exciting (but suspicious) crab parts the other day.

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