Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Spring begins here in the Southern Hemisphere. I was laying on the grass at my mini garden today thanking Life for such a wonderful moment...on sight the sweet lemon tree, full of blossom and busy bees doing their job. A delicate and perfumed breeze. Just lovely!

The photo was sitting on my desk for a long time. It's a version of my Nanny Pop necklace. The model is my dear friend M. I envision a close vicinity of friends. My most dear people in the world. Living very close by. Sharing some land.  Little tiny beautiful houses...sharing communal moments: meals, practice, work, mate and talks.

Friday, September 19, 2014


VIDARISA: slowly building up a happy collection with a modern, clean look.

A long hiatus...I've been kindly asked not to publish pics of the kids...that kept me silent for a while. How to continue this journal then? I'll see how. It's somewhat important to keep writing...even if little postcards....even if sporadically. With some input of family life and work. At least a little.
It has been suggested to do it on separate platforms...facebook and private blog.

But who has time and energy for so much diversification? Not impulse is always to minimize, simplify, discard the superfluous as much as posible. To integrate. To unify...we'll see :)

I've been enjoying friendship, visits, brother, flower scents, fruits, sunshine, ocean, quietness, random encounters with friends by the river,  conversations with the much abundance of wellbeing and's definitely spring!