Sunday, September 27, 2015

Long overdue

Hiding under blankets because, yes, I'm still recovering from nasty bugs and very tired and also trying to stay out of the way to let husband try a new recipe. (go P. go!!) If I'm around I can't help being too helpful and control freak. Better rest and let him do.

Also staying FAR from the kids who are usually fighting or asking for snacks. I'm trying to ignore that they're doing too much videos on iPad...but you know what: They're sick too. It's OK!

Time to recapitulate the birthdays of September.
My sweet oldest boy is 10. A creative, com passive, awesome boy who can teach me MANY things. His new passion is chess

My Birthday too! Brekfast with myself very early AM using the new ceramics I made with friend M.

Symbolic Mandala.

Dinner at home with friends

And the following morning, from yesterday and the boy who always draws

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Things that grow

It's amazing how things grow, specially in Spring and summer. Someone gives you a sprig of oregano, you plant in the garden and it starts growing strong

A few arugula seeds in some plastic pots will start to grow in just a few days and then if you can you plant them in soil. Otherwise in bigger pots. They grow fast and are delicious. Very good for anxious people!

A little stolen sprig go geranium goes to the dirt and gets super strong in a matter of days. If you wait enough you'll have eye soul happiness in any windowsill.

The lemon tree is at peak. Not only bearing the most fragrant fruit but beautiful blossoms and flowers.

And of!

Friday, September 18, 2015

From color board to jewelry - Fall edition

For the brides: you just send me an image of your board, the flowers or the dresses and I will create a custom set of jewelry for your Bridesmaids

The process is completely stress free and the outcome really fun. Cold porcelain, allows an amazing variety of colors (hello Pantone Chart!) and the most pretty shapes. The possibilities are dazzling

Always excited for the next color episode!