Saturday, September 26, 2015

Things that grow

It's amazing how things grow, specially in Spring and summer. Someone gives you a sprig of oregano, you plant in the garden and it starts growing strong

A few arugula seeds in some plastic pots will start to grow in just a few days and then if you can you plant them in soil. Otherwise in bigger pots. They grow fast and are delicious. Very good for anxious people!

A little stolen sprig go geranium goes to the dirt and gets super strong in a matter of days. If you wait enough you'll have eye soul happiness in any windowsill.

The lemon tree is at peak. Not only bearing the most fragrant fruit but beautiful blossoms and flowers.

And of!

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  1. Maravillosos tus brotes!!! Yo también comparto el amor por la huerta y las plantas. Es increíble cuánta felicidad da ver crecer lo que uno mismo sembró y ni hablar de alimentarse con ellos. Besos y felices crecimientos en todos los aspectos!!