Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Learning curve

Not many successful stories in the garden so far. This is probably the only good looking plant. A single potato growing into this strong beautiful plant and we'll see what's in store under the dirt at harvest time. Meanwhile I'm enjoying its green beauty.

I'm learning a lot about soil.

An exhausted soil won't bear healthy edible vegetables.

Soil must be airy, soft and full of organic matter.

You need to FEED the soil with as much compost and other fertilizers you can.

I've been planting worms here and there in my backyard trusting they will enrich my soil. Worms are awesome animals that multiply your soil 5 times in terms of nutrients, etc. And one worm generates 1300 worms over a year. Wow!

I'm now trying some pots at the terrace. I'm preparing soil better this time and there's much more solar light exposure up there than in the backyard. We'll see how those go (I've put sunflower, arugula and chard and some more are coming)

On a bright note: a few lemon seedlings are showing up and that's great joy. I love my lemon tree and I definitely want to share it with the world. I'm blessed with delicious, big, juicy and aromatic lemons every year that I share with my neighbours. Everybody's comment is: the lemons you buy at the shop can't compare with these beauties. What about planting some lemon trees here and there?

One single lemon has 10 potential tress inside. One single tree bears about 150-200 (?) lemons every year. As a new gardener I still marvel at this power and abundance.

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